Lisa DeLeeuw follows in father’s footsteps by racing

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Articles
DSCF6651To say that Lisa DeLeeuw is having the season that she would’ve hoped for is an understatement as she has had bad luck so far this year with mechanical problems, including an engine failure three weeks into the
season, and wrecks.
“To start off, I wouldn’t be racing this year if it wasn’t for Eric (Yorke) lending me an engine,” DeLeeuw says. “Just hoping for some good luck to come my way.”
For some, it may be easy to give up after having some bad luck. However, for DeLeeuw, it’s her DY Racing teammate Eric Yorke that gets her through the tough moments that she has.
“He keeps telling me that I can keep going,” she says.
She adds that making her family proud of her of what she can do with the car with how it is also keeps her going. Having her family proud is something that’s important as her family has always been involved in racing. DeLeeuw’s dad Mike used to race and after he stopped racing, he was a flagman at Flamboro Speedway. That’s when DeLeeuw started going to the track as she would attend the races with her dad.
“Then my cousin started racing Canadian Vintage Modifeids which I was on the crew and working on the car,” she tells me. “My uncle also raced for a few years after my cousin stopped racing.”
When her uncle stopped racing, Lisa told her dad that she wanted to race and bought her first mustang to start in the mini stock division at Flamboro Speedway.
“The thing I love about racing would be following in my father’s footsteps as my dad raced for 15 years,” she says. “As well as having that father-daughter relationship with my dad with something he’s always known.”
Being a girl out there against the guys, it doesn’t change anything as DeLeeuw says it’s all about mind over matter.
“If a guy wants to race a certain way, as a girl you just have to teach yourself to drive the same way and not them over power you,” she says. “If a guy can do it, a girl can too.”
With the bad luck that she had to start the year, she is hoping to finish in the top five in points and score a heat win, as well as win best appearing car.
For DeLeeuw, the accomplishment of winning best appearing car would mean a lot to her father and her as together they help in designing different cars through father’s company Partimer Signs. One of the cars that they did this past off-season was Randy Rusnell’s No. 72 Super Stock.
“As for lettering on the cars, it all depends on the colours of the car,” she says. “The Sponsors need to stand out because if it wasn’t for them some people wouldn’t be racing at all.
“With my car I designed the paint scheme for my car and my dad did all the lettering. I just chose where all the sponsors go; I design the paint and leave the rest up to my dad.”
With that said, DeLeeuw would like to thank her sponsors for their support: Partimer Signs, Gelderman Landscape Services, Redline Racing, Can-Alignment, Millgrove Gardens, BDS Frame and Alignment, B&D Auto Recyclers, Safeway Towing, Phoenix Place, Auto Clinic, Ponderosa Nature Resort and Sunflower Studios.
You can learn more about Lisa DeLeeuw at her website

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