Lisa DeLeeuw Ready to Make Return to Sunset Speedway

Posted: February 22, 2019 in Articles

After stepping away from racing for a year, Lisa DeLeeuw will be making her return back behind the wheel at Sunset Speedway in 2019.

“My thoughts are just to stay focused on our goals we have set out for this year,” she commented.

Heading into her second year with the Nissan, she has her goals set out to win a feature, while expecting “to just keep improving with the new car.”

The 2017 campaign went well for DeLeeuw, scoring seven top-10 finishes highlighted by a heat victory mid-season.

“It was an unbelievable year,” she commented. “Looking back on a couple heat wins and being able to jump in a new car and keep the same momentum I had the year before in the mustang, as well as being able to learn the new car in such a short time.”

With the success they were able to have, she feels keeping things the same with a focus on their goals and more seat time with the car will lead to this year being even stronger.

While Sunset Speedway will be the team’s focus for 2019, she notes that there is a possibility for her to run the invitational at Jukasa Motor Speedway this summer.

Lisa DeLeeuw and DY Racing will be announcing their marketing partners at a later date. Those whom are interested in sponsoring the team this year are encouraged to get in touch through the team’s facebook page.

Be sure to check out the DY Racing website at and like the DY Racing facebook page at


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