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After stepping away from racing for a year, Lisa DeLeeuw will be making her return back behind the wheel at Sunset Speedway in 2019.

“My thoughts are just to stay focused on our goals we have set out for this year,” she commented.

Heading into her second year with the Nissan, she has her goals set out to win a feature, while expecting “to just keep improving with the new car.”

The 2017 campaign went well for DeLeeuw, scoring seven top-10 finishes highlighted by a heat victory mid-season.

“It was an unbelievable year,” she commented. “Looking back on a couple heat wins and being able to jump in a new car and keep the same momentum I had the year before in the mustang, as well as being able to learn the new car in such a short time.”

With the success they were able to have, she feels keeping things the same with a focus on their goals and more seat time with the car will lead to this year being even stronger.

While Sunset Speedway will be the team’s focus for 2019, she notes that there is a possibility for her to run the invitational at Jukasa Motor Speedway this summer.

Lisa DeLeeuw and DY Racing will be announcing their marketing partners at a later date. Those whom are interested in sponsoring the team this year are encouraged to get in touch through the team’s facebook page.

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With consistency on a weekly basis, Eric Yorke was crowned the 2017 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Division III Championship.

“My season, there is not much I did not do that I wanted to,” he reflected.”(I) won a bunch of races, including my first invitational at Spring Velocity, ran consistent all year and had the most points even if they were taken away from me. I am very happy with my season, because I know I had the best year even if the points or whatever don’t show it!”

Kicking off the season, Yorke scored a pair of top-fives leading into the May invitational – Spring Velocity. Starting up front, he led flag-to-flag en route to the victory.

“The most memorable moment of the year has to be winning Spring Velocity,” he said. “I have raced many years, and raced many invitationals, and to finally win one against the best cars in southern Ontario gives me a lot of pride in myself and crew; it was nice to get the monkey off my back so to speak!”

The victory kick-started his points campaign, as he came out and won the following week with a last lap pass on Charlie Smith. The month of June saw the dream year continue with four top-fives, including another win. The victory served notice heading into the second half of the year as Yorke came through the field, going from 18th to ninth in the first three laps, before taking the lead on Lap 8.

While he started July with a fourth, the second week saw a minor disagreement in post-race technical inspection not go in his favor with a disqualification. He was quick to rebound, though, running up front in the next event before being deemed involved in a mid-race caution and placing ninth. He would put the perfect cap on the month, though, scoring the win on July 29.

The momentum carried through August as Yorke scored a pair of runner-ups and pair of fourths. He then placed second and first in the first two nights to start off September, allowing him to enter the final night of racing in a good shape. While he finished eighth, another disagreement in post-race inspection saw Yorke lose his points and finish for the night. The No. 51 Nissan 240SX was essentially disqualified for the front bumper bar that has been on the car for the majority of 2017.

For Yorke, the disqualification was enough to drop him down to fourth in the track standings.

However, things played out different with NASCAR as they only count your best 14 finishes of the year. Their standings put Sunset’s drivers up against competitors from 60 different tracks across North America, with each driver earning points based on their finishes at NASCAR-sanctioned tracks. Ultimately, when the points added up, Yorke completed the year on top.

As a result, he was crowned the 2017 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Division III Champion.

“I don’t think it has set in that I won a NASCAR title, even if it is only a short track title,” he said. “(It’s) still an honour and very cool to be able to say I won one!”

For Yorke, it marks his second career Mini Stock Championship as he won the Sunset Speedway track title in 2012.

“I don’t think it is a joke that I say there was the best cars there to race against week in and week out,” he said. “The only thing that changed is I came better prepared as a racer, and came with better equipment which made it possible to run the way I did and put in the results that I did. So I am proud of what I did and I am not gonna say it was easier, but it helps to do your homework and come prepared!”

Yorke and DY Racing are proud to be supported by Can-Alignment Motorsports, Solex Steel, Partimer Signs, Skytec Rentals, Budget Tire, Scentsy Consultant – Lisa DeLeeuw, and Cabral Racing Promotions.

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dyracingtrophiesFollowing a successful season for both DY Racing drivers Lisa DeLeeuw and Eric Yorke, the pair attended the Sunset Speedway banquet this past weekend and were awarded for their greatness.

DeLeeuw got a plaque for finishing fifth in the Signs of Innovation Mighty Mini division points, as well as the “Best Appearing Car Award” for the division. DeLeeuw had an impressive season which included 12 feature top-10s, including a pair of top-fives. The young lady put everyone on notice on July 2 when she battled hard throughout the 20-lap feature en route to a career best third place finish.

Yorke got a trophy for finishing second in the GCC Construction Corporation division points, as well as the “Best Appearing Car Award” for the division. Yorke had a stellar season which included four wins, nine top-fives and 11 top-10s.

For their success, the pair say thanks to their sponsors for their support all year long.

Yorke thanks his sponsors Can-Alignment Motorsports, Milton Napa Auto Parts, J&D Tire, Solex Steel, McKeown Collision, Partimer Signs, Ancaster Embroidery, Country Girl Designs, Cabral Racing Promotions and Skytec Rentals.

DeLeeuw thanks her sponsors Partimer Sign, Gelderman Landscape Services, Royal Synergies Collision, Skytech Rentals, Solex Steel, Safeway Towing, BDS Enterprises, Can-Alignment, Auto Clinic, Scentsy Independent Consultant, Real Burger Company, Cabral Racing Promotions and Country Girl Design.

Be sure to check out the DY Racing website at and like the DY Racing facebook page at The team is already fast at work preparing for 2017, with images already being shared via facebook.

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DSCF6651To say that Lisa DeLeeuw is having the season that she would’ve hoped for is an understatement as she has had bad luck so far this year with mechanical problems, including an engine failure three weeks into the
season, and wrecks.
“To start off, I wouldn’t be racing this year if it wasn’t for Eric (Yorke) lending me an engine,” DeLeeuw says. “Just hoping for some good luck to come my way.”
For some, it may be easy to give up after having some bad luck. However, for DeLeeuw, it’s her DY Racing teammate Eric Yorke that gets her through the tough moments that she has.
“He keeps telling me that I can keep going,” she says.
She adds that making her family proud of her of what she can do with the car with how it is also keeps her going. Having her family proud is something that’s important as her family has always been involved in racing. DeLeeuw’s dad Mike used to race and after he stopped racing, he was a flagman at Flamboro Speedway. That’s when DeLeeuw started going to the track as she would attend the races with her dad.
“Then my cousin started racing Canadian Vintage Modifeids which I was on the crew and working on the car,” she tells me. “My uncle also raced for a few years after my cousin stopped racing.”
When her uncle stopped racing, Lisa told her dad that she wanted to race and bought her first mustang to start in the mini stock division at Flamboro Speedway.
“The thing I love about racing would be following in my father’s footsteps as my dad raced for 15 years,” she says. “As well as having that father-daughter relationship with my dad with something he’s always known.”
Being a girl out there against the guys, it doesn’t change anything as DeLeeuw says it’s all about mind over matter.
“If a guy wants to race a certain way, as a girl you just have to teach yourself to drive the same way and not them over power you,” she says. “If a guy can do it, a girl can too.”
With the bad luck that she had to start the year, she is hoping to finish in the top five in points and score a heat win, as well as win best appearing car.
For DeLeeuw, the accomplishment of winning best appearing car would mean a lot to her father and her as together they help in designing different cars through father’s company Partimer Signs. One of the cars that they did this past off-season was Randy Rusnell’s No. 72 Super Stock.
“As for lettering on the cars, it all depends on the colours of the car,” she says. “The Sponsors need to stand out because if it wasn’t for them some people wouldn’t be racing at all.
“With my car I designed the paint scheme for my car and my dad did all the lettering. I just chose where all the sponsors go; I design the paint and leave the rest up to my dad.”
With that said, DeLeeuw would like to thank her sponsors for their support: Partimer Signs, Gelderman Landscape Services, Redline Racing, Can-Alignment, Millgrove Gardens, BDS Frame and Alignment, B&D Auto Recyclers, Safeway Towing, Phoenix Place, Auto Clinic, Ponderosa Nature Resort and Sunflower Studios.
You can learn more about Lisa DeLeeuw at her website
DSCF6655Four wins and 14 top fives in 14 features. Nine heat wins and 24 top fives in 28 heat starts. Those statistics simply there show the strength that Eric Yorke showed last season.
That success led the driver of the No. 51 Can-Alignment Motorsports, Milton Napa Auto Parts, J&D Tire, Solex Steel, McKeown Collision, Partimer Signs and Redline Racing Nissan 240SX to his first championship as he was crowned the Mini Stock Champion last year.
“It was a huge accomplishment for me, to finally have the success that I wanted since I had started racing,” he commented. “It was almost surreal that I was able to be that consistent and have that much success. I am very thankful to everyone that helped me and all my sponsors who helped me reach the goal of winning a championship.”
Yorke returns to Sunset Speedway this year with the one goal in mind – to repeat that success and be crowned champion once again.
“Looking towards this year I hope to be able to have as much success as last year,” he said. “But with new cars and tougher competition it is not going to be easy, but I am sure going to try and give everything I got. I got a fire inside me and I just want to be up there at the front every race.”
The Milton, Ontario native got interested in racing after going to watch his cousin race.
“I went and watched him race and I said, ‘One day, I gotta do this’,” he says. “So went out, bought a car and the rest is history. Been racing for about six years.”
With experience on his side, the biggest lesson that Yorke has learned is you got to give an inch to take an inch.
“If you push guys around, they’ll push you right back,” he says. “So you gotta have respect for the guys on the track and they’ll respect you right back. I don’t wanna take home a torn up car every week on the trailer, so gotta respect the guys on the track.”
Away from racing, Yorke enjoys biking and riding trails. One of his heroes is x-games superstar Travis Pastrana.
“I’ve watched him in the rally car, the bike, and he’s one of my favourite athletes,” Yorke says.
For more information on Eric Yorke, check out his website at